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Virtual Assistants

About Creative Virtual
Our partner, Creative Virtual (UK), have over 15 years experience working with virtual assistant natural language web applications. In that time we have built more than 100 solutions for brands including Lloyds Banking Group, HSBC, Asda, O2, Verizon and Intuit. The V-Person™ solution that we have evolved over these years, together with our delivery and on-going maintenance methodologies, make it one of the most compelling web self-service products in the world today. And as our customers will confirm, no one has quite the same passion, enthusiasm and drive to help brands and their customers form better, and mutually beneficial relationships through the use of technology.

About V-Person
A V-Person is capable of holding conversations with digital users in real time, 24/7. For users it means the sensation of communicating with a ‘real’ person able not only to answer their questions, but also to understand thecontext of those questions and even hold entire conversations.

– A Virtual Person (customer service representative, product specialist, sales person, entertainer or a combination of all these; available 24/7)
– Intelligent (powerful natural language engine; keeps the context of the conversation; just like interacting with a real person)
– Highly accurate (over 90% accurate)
– Incredible return on investment (up to 50% call deflection)
– Unique insight (real-time conversational reporting)
– Highly scalable (supports thousands of concurrent users)
– Open (powerful scripting language for easy integration with other applications/databases)

Happy Customers
For web users – particularly of content-rich web sites – the V-Person can deliver important information far more quickly and efficiently than conventional channels like email or telephone. The result? Happier customers and increased online retention with the added bonus of reduced operational costs and resources for your business. But web is only part of the story. The multi-channel V-Person technology can be deployed as mobile, SMS and interactive TV as well as email marketing and banner ad campaigns. Our interactive virtual assistants are even making an appearance in classrooms as virtual tutors.

Knowledge Management
V-Person solutions are easy to implement and manage and do not require any technical or programming skills. Over the years we’ve developed a suite of tools that manage the entire authoring process, from database access and management to testing, designed to enable you to focus on being creative with the most important element of all – the content. Our virtual assistants are based entirely on open systems and integrate seamlessly with your current technology platforms. The same principle applies to the user interface. It could be a very simple, static image – or it could be a branded, animated character like Lucy, which was created for O2. Cheltenham & Gloucester (part of Lloyds Banking Group) have implemented Claire, based on a real person, with speech. A V-Person can be deployed in any language. Ultimately, the only limit to the look and scope of the V-Person’s knowledge and personality is your own.

The V-Person technology delivers valuable insights into customers’ behaviour – and interaction with your brand that simply cannot be achieved with traditional web analytics. Transcripts of user conversations with your V-Person can be easily managed and analysed – giving you multiple, tacit views of your users, what they are saying, thinking and feeling – at the most granular level. It’s a far cry from traditional ‘clicks’.